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Poet is an elaborated text editor for Windows with a friendly interface. Simple and free.

Application features:

• rhymer
• detail thoughtful dialogue to save files
• multiple document processing, floating tabs and windows
• very convenient interactive search engine with results backlit and scrolling
    • support for regular expressions (php-notation)
    • replacement of supporting substitutions
    • regular expression designer
• navigation through the document and text processing
    • line numbering
    • selection of the current line
    • kinesthetic scrolling
    • shared text area
    • easy font scaling
    • statistics on the documents
    • slip
• integration with online services
    • search and translation
    • spell check (Russian and English)
• support for all known encodings
    • automatic detection of encoding
• integration with the explorer and association with files
• recent files (developed concept)
• functions for developers
    • syntax highlighting (XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C #, C + +, PHP, Ruby, Python , and others)
    • automatic closing brackets
    • folding Snippets
    • "smart" word completion

• and more ...


Автор : btamedia